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EquiFit HoofSavers

Simple Relief for Sore Feet

With EquiFit HoofSavers™ cushioned comfort and full-sole support has never been so simple. These custom fit EVA pads provide relief to sore-footed stone-bruised and laminitic horses.

An advanced alternative to hoof packing EquiFit’s HoofSavers™ can be used daily for pain relief and protection or as a preventive measure against foot ailments. Clean and easy application. Safe for use with medication.

Easy to Use Simply stand horse on pad for one minute to make a solid impression. Trim along the impression line add medication if necessary and place HoofSavers™ in the sole. Adhere custom HoofSavers™ to hoof and leave in position for up to 24 hours. HoofSavers™ may be re-used as needed and are good for several uses. HoofSavers™ will conform back to the sole every time they are used.

EquiFit HoofSavers™ are perfect for:

  • Use daily to provide relief to sore-footed stone-bruised and laminitic Horses
  • Use as a preventative measure against foot ailments
  • Safe for use with medication
  • Advanced alternative to hoof packing; clean and easy application
  • Provides protection to shoeless horses
  • Shows overnight or during shipping

Sold in pairs

Made in the USA.

Color: Black

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