Bovine Bluelite 2Bw

Bovine Bluelite 2Bw

Bovine BlueLite 2Bw from TechMix is an easy-to-administer, buffered electrolyte for beef and dairy cattle providing electrolytes, energy and beneficial bacteria to enhance production. Helps reduce stress and dehydration, increase feed and water intakes while improving digestive health issues.Added beneficial, natural bacteria (2Bw) promote gut health, metabolize enzymes for digestion, support a healthy immune system and help break down feed ingredients such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Its the ultimate electrolyte for receiving and transition!Contains guaranteed min 2.5 billion CFU beneficial bacteria/oz, min 8.25% potassium and min 3.2% sodium.Directions: At receiving or during mild stress - top-dress 1 oz/head/day; Severe stress - top-dress 2 oz/head/day. May be mixed with water in stock tank at rate of 1-2 oz/head as needed. 6.25 lb bag = 100 servings at mild stress level.

Size: 6.25 Lb

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