Portascc Cow Test

Portascc Cow Test

PortaCheck PortaSCC Original Cow Milk Test measures somatic cell count and detects subclinical mastitis before clinical signs appear. Convenient, reliable, on-farm test helps dairy producers improve milk quality, herd health and production.Just collect a milk sample and get results in 3 simple steps:

  • add milk to the test strip
  • add activator and
  • read results with a color chart or digital reader (sold separately)
The darker the blue color, the higher the SCC count.Porta SCC gives results in 45 minutes and is ideal for testing large numbers of samples at a time. Simply set up all the test strips at once. After 45 minutes read results by comparing to a color chart or by using the digital reader (sold separately).Includes test strips, activator solution, pipettes, blanking strip, color chart and instructions in English and Spanish.

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