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Natural Solutions Sheep/Goat Glucoat

Natural Solutions GluCoat feed supplement for show sheep and goats is a sugar supplement designed to replace any oil or fat supplement you may be using. You'll never use a fat product again! Glu Coat is formulated with a high blend of sugars which can increase appetite and palatability. Helps keep the rumen working longer and faster compared to a single source of glucose. Shown to dramatically enhance fat cover, increase feed efficiency and average daily gain. May give show livestock a bloomier, fuller, softer look while maintaining the harder muscle shape demanded in the show ring. Molasses-based and sweet to the taste animals love it! High levels of omega-3 and vitamin E from refined, flavored fish oil to maintain brighter, healthier skin and hair. Also contains Cell-rate, which helps aid in the process of cellular replication, supports immune system, helps animals through stressful periods, and aids in muscle and fat development. Glu-Coat for Sheep/Goat contains guaranteed min 42% sugar, 3% fat, 4% protein, 1,320 mg/lb vitamin B12, 2,200 mg/lb vitamin B6, 1,870 mg/lb vitamin B2 and 22,000 mg/lb niacin. Directions: Top-dress 3-4 oz daily. 25 lbs = 100-150 day supply. Made in the USA. Pump sold separately.

Size: 25 Lb

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