Probios Max Oral Gel

Agrilabs Probios Max Oral Gel

Probios Max Oral direct fed microbial gel features guaranteed levels of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms and a patented, stable source of lactic acid bacteria to re-colonize and maintain the digestive system during times of stress, such as shipping, receiving, heat, calving, environmental stress and pathogenic challenges. Essential vitamins help stimulate the immune system. Contains higher concentrations of CFUs for improved colonization and gut health; inulin provides a food source for beneficial bacteria; vitamins improve appetite and overall health. Labeled for horses, beef and dairy cattle, sheep and goats.Each gm contains not less than 1.5 billion CFUs, while each 10 gm dose also contains 260,000 IU vitamin A, 60,000 IU vitamin D3, 200 IU vitamin E, 50 mcg vitamin B12, 100 mg calcium pantothenate, 100 mg thiamine HCl, 50 mg folic acid and 25 mg vitamin C.Dosage: Newborn beef and dairy calves - 5 gm at birth, Calves and cattle under 400 lbs - 10 gm, over 400 lbs - 15 gm; Newborn sheep and goats - 5 gm at birth, Adult sheep and goats - 10 gm; Foals - 10 gm at birth, Horses - 15 gm.

Size: 60 Gm

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