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Agrilabs Stressmate

Stress Mate calf nutrition supportive is an oral solution that contains a blend of essential small proteins and nutrients to support a calf's innate defense system and help it recognize and destroy pathogens. Ideal for calves that show signs of stress, receive inadequate colostrum, or experience stressful situations, reduced intake or digestive upset.Developed from 10 years of research. Nutrients are processed from quality maternal colostrum and include: Bacteriostatic small proteins that inhibit pathogen functionality, Growth factors to stimulate immune function and cell growth, Signaling proteins that modulate the natural defense system, and Oligosaccharides to help combat pathogens and fortify beneficial bacteria. Can be used before, during or after colostrum feeding to help calves survive and thrive. Works quickly, even after gut closure.Directions: 10 ml orally daily for at least 3 days. Can be given alone or mixed with milk, milk replacer or electrolyte solution. Label includes directions in Spanish. Made in the USA.

Size: 250 Ml

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