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Biomedical Labs Recovery Eq

Powdered supplement aids in quick healing of tissue damage. Ideal for back, joint, hock and stifle pain; injury, after surgery and during rehabilitation.Contains Nutricol (1,000 mg per scoop), a disease-modifying bioflavonoid complex that plants itself into horse's cells, preventing further damage.Increases cell membrane receptivity to hormones which are necessary for anabolic repair. Enhances membrane structure to strengthen connective tissues such as cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Weakens production of biochemicals which cause damage to these tissues. Leads to dramatic improvements for horse's condition. Safe to combine with other treatments. Dosage per 300 lbs body wt: Initial - 1/8 scoop; Therapeutic - 1/2 scoop; Maintenance - 1/4 scoop. Mix with food, or mix with water and administer with syringe.

Size: 2.2 LB

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