Health Equimax Paste Horse Dewormer

Pfizer Health Equimax Paste Horse Dewormer

NOW is the time to deworm for tapeworms and bots. One deworming with Equimax after the first hard frost will take care of parasites the rest of the winter. Tapeworm eggs are not usually found in the feces because they do not float in the typeical fecal lab test. Your best bet is to deworm with Equimax once a year to keep the tapeworms under control. Equimax will also ill the bot larvae that are residing in your horses mouth or GI tract before the winter. It is best to follow this deworming with a removal of bot eggs on your horses legs and shoulders to prevent future infestation. Dont forget to get a fecal count in the spring, and then only deworm those horses that are heavy shedders.

Equimax (ivermectin 1.87%/praziquantel 14.03%) Paste Anthelmintic and Boticide For the treatment and control of roundworms (ascarids, strongyles and lungworms), tapeworms, and bots in horses in a single dose. Contents will treat up to 1320 lb body weight. For oral use in horses and ponies only.

EQUIMAX is the ONLY combination ivermectin/praziquantel dewormer safe for ALL horses, including:

  • Foals four weeks of age and older.
  • Pregnant and lactating mares - No adverse effects on fertility.
  • Breeding stallions - Semen quality and reproductive hormone levels remained unaffected.

A full dose contains enough active ingredients to treat horses weighing up to 1,320 lb.

Easy-to-use-and-handle syringe/applicator for more accurate dosing. A smooth, quick-dissolving apple-flavored paste provides palatability.

FDA-approved to effectively treat the most common equine parasites, including:

  • Tapeworms
    • Anoplocephala perfoliata
  • Large Strongyles(adults)
    • Strongylus vulgaris(also early forms in blood vessels)
    • S. edentatus(also tissue stages)
    • S. equinus
    • Triodontophorusspp.
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