Robart Robart Pinchless Precision Weymouth Bit

Robart Robart Pinchless Precision Weymouth Bit

Robart PRECISION Bits have patented internal springs that allows the port to return to a neutral position quickly upon dropping the rein, giving immediate reward for correct behavior. Great for shoulder control and keeping a lower head set.

Why a Pinchless Bit? A horse is a flight and fight animal. If the bit is hurting the horses mouth he is going to respond with fight or flight. Neither of these responses are condusive to training, competing or riding. Take the pain away and you instantly modify their behavior and response to your instructions. The Pinchless bit swivels at the bars, rather than relying on the center link to swivel, eliminating the possibility of pinching the tongue. Also it gives a more consistant and immediate signal to your horse, so his response time is reduced, with less pressure. If a horse is not new to the bit and is still gapping his mouth, excessive mouth movement or tossing his head, you will want to try a pinchless bit. Using a pinchless bit on a young horse will prevent inflicting pain, keeping the experience less streeful, resulting in easier and improved learning for the horse. A revolutionary idea and bit design to implement it. Instead of training and working a horse on the basis of creating pain,the patented David Robart bit corrects by pressure andeliminating the pain. Truly a clever design. Comes with 7" shanks.

Size: 5

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