Cordura Round Skirt Saddle

ABETTA Cordura Round Skirt Saddle with Wide Flex Tree

The original Abetta Cordura saddle that set the standard for synthetic saddles featuring American-made quality for an affordable price! Built on a rugged Ralide tree, it features rugged Cordura nylon laminated over shock absorbing foam. The Abetta Cordura


  • TREE TYPE: Flex Wide-Quarter Horse
  • SKIRT: Aire-Grip Lined
  • CANTLE: Standard 5
  • HORN: 3 1/4'' Leather Covered
  • RIGGINGS: 7/8, Nylon-Leather Half Breed with Stainless Steel Dees
  • SEAT: Acu-suede
  • STIRRUPS: 2'' Bell stirrups with no-slip tread

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