EquineNow Horses for Sale

The following New Mexico farms, horse ranches and breeders have posted horses for sale on Equine Now. For more information on the services these farms offer, see our New Mexico Farm Directory
Highland's Miniatures
2m Ranch
3+ Acre Horse Ranch
3h Integrated LLC
3r's Valerio Racing
4 Eagles Racing Stables
4 Palms Ranch
4 Winds Equestrian Center
4 Winds Equestrian Center LLC
4t & K Cross Quarter Horses
6-W Ranch
62 Bar Quarter Horses
62 Bar Ranch
7x Enterprises
A Place to Land Farms
A Wonderful Gelding for Your Riding Pleasure
Aaa Farms
Able Ranch
Action Mule Co.
Agua Negra Ranch
Aka Richrockranch
Alisha M Baker
All The Pretty Horses
Aloha Training & Horse Shoeing
Alsup Arabians
Altback Ranchito
Alxlive Farms
Amigos Equestrian
Annandale's Tiger Horse Farm
Annon Equestrian Center
Ariat Ranch M-a
Ashford Racing Stables
Ashquar Arabians, L.L.C.
Asstec Acres Miniature Donkeys
Avalon Dressage
B and D Equestrian Center
B&M Horse Training
Baileys Horses
Bakers Paint Horses
Bar 34 Ranch Lumberton Nm
Bar Bw Ranch
Bar W Diamond
Bar- h
Basin Performance Horses
Bd Ranch
Bella Vista Gypsy Horses
Benavidez Ranches
Big Draw Ranch
Bingham Ranches
Black Forest Farm
Bledsoe Farm
Blue Feather
Blue Mesa Ranch
Bmp Racing
Bokeelia Plan
Bosque Circle Ranch
Bottom Line
Bowers Quarter Horses
Boyd Performance Horses
Branco's Boarding Stables
Bratcher Quarter Horses
Brazeal Horsemanship
Brianna Billingsley
Brianna Crow
Bringhurst Racing
Broken Gait Ranch
Broken Heart Cattle
Broking Hart Ranch
Bryant Ranch
Buena Suerte Farms
Burton Ranch
Button Brand
Button Brand Paints
By Owner
Byers Ranch Gm Racing
C Bar X Ranch
Caballo Canyon Horse Training
Camelot Friesians, LLC
Camino Real Farm
Camp Lane Quarter Horses
Carlin Steeple L Cattle Co
Carrete Farms
Carriage Rides in The Gila Wilderness of Nm
Casa-Dot Thoroughbreds
Casados Livestock
Cattle Light Ranch
Chama Family
Charlet Farm
Chastain Equine
Chathams Broke Horses
Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve
Circle C Farm
Cogburn West
Cole Mine Farm
Connally Ranch
Copper Rose
Corrales Horse Park
Cottonwood Creek
Cottonwood Irish Draughts
Coudelaria Estelar
Cpr Sporthorses
Crazy Farm
Cream of The Crop Barrel Horses
Cream of The Crop Trail Rides
Crenshaw Racing
Crossroads Ranch
Cs Performance Horses
Custer's Horse Training
Cypress Point Cove
Davis Hats and Horse Ranch
Dawg House Ranch
Deann Atchley
Deming Public Schools
Desertwind Quarter Horses
Dharmahorse, Natural Horse Support Center
Diamond B
Diamond B
Diamond C Horses
Diamond Horseshoe Ranch
Diamond Qrt Horses
Doña Ana Horse Farm
Don't Have a Farm
Double -K- Horse Training
Double C Cattle Co
Double R Ranch & Farm
Double Rafter K Livestock
Double S Farms
Doubletree Farm LLC
Dowell Land and Livestock
Dreamcatcher Training & Boarding
Dripping Springs Ranch
Dunwild Paints
Dusty Acres
E Slash Ranch Broodmares
Eaggle Services Inc
Earth Walk Medicine
El Oro Morgans
Elaine Taylor Photography
Eldorado Riding
Elkins Enterprises LLC
Enchanted Gaits Farm
Enchanted Mesa
Enchanted Mesa Horses
Enchanted Mesa Horses and Ponies
Enchantment Equitreks
End of The Road Farm
Equestrian Facility for Sale or Lease
Equidoma LLC.
Equine Insight
Equine Paradise
Equine Spirit Sanctuary
Esperanza Miniature Show Horses
Ethan Mcdaniel Performance Horses
Evergreen Racing
Fallen Leaf Arabians
Family Ranchita
Fantastic Irish Horse Farm
Farmy Nm
First Call Farm
Fischer Cherokee Ranch
Fisher Farm
Flyin P Cattle Co
Flying Horse Ranch
Flying S
Forever West Performance Horses
Foxfire Farm
Fryar Cattle Co.
Fuchs Ranch
G. Bearden
Galindo Racing Stables
Gallegos Ranch
Galles L&C
Gallina Canyon Ranch
Gila Horses
Gillespie Ranch
Glen Hunt Racing Stable
Goldstar Farms
Goldstud Equine Servces
Gonzales Farms
Grahm Farms
Grandabon Farm - Eldorado-Lamy
Great Horse Farm
Green Gait Stable
Grider Ranch
Gurule Ranch
Gutierrez Racing Stables
Gypsy Vanner Gelding for Sale
Gypsy Vanner Gelding for Sale
Hall Racing Stables
Happy Ass Minis
Haqven't Found a Suitable One for Jumping Yet
Harless Farm
Hat Ranch Quarter Horses
Haynes Farms
Hazenhurst Farms
Heart M Ranch
Heartlane Farms
Heartstone Angus, LLC
Heather Badal
Hegar Cattle Company
Help Us
Heritage Hay LLC
Hidden Valley Farm
High Sierra Horse Farm
Highland Mountain Equestrian Center
Hmk Quarter and Paint
Homestead Ranch
Homestead Ranch LLC
Homestead Rockies
Hope Floats Farm
Horse and Aussie Ranch
Horse for Sale
Horse Lake Ranch
Horsebit Ranch
Horseman Haven Ranch
Hourigan Horse Farm
House With Property
Housler Performance Horses
Hunter Farms
Independent C Farms
Invicta Farms Inc
Iron Free Horse
Iron Free Horse
Isaacks Sport Horses
J J Stables
J Wheel Properties LLC
Jameson Quarter Horses
Jantz Ranch
Jayleen Poole
Jb Horse Racing
Jean Zunkel
Jeh Stallion Station Nm
Jentsch Horse Farm
Jinglebob Ltd
Johnston Thoroughbred Farm
Josh Armstrong
Justice Equestrian Services, Inc.
Jx Ranch Natural Beef
K Honey Performance Horses
K-Bar Interlocks
K9 and Equine Training
Keene Dressage
Kelly Donoghue
Killingsworth Equestrian
King-Clem Ranch
Kingfisher Farm
Kkem Horses
Klein Quarter Horses
Kokopelli Moon Ranch
L and C Pecans
L&D Paint Horses
L-3 Cattle
L-F Stallions
La Puebla Farms
Lamell Performance Horses
Laney Racing
Las Campanas Equestrian Center
Las Nubes Equine
Last Go Round Foundation Paint & Quarter Horses
Lazy Cane- Quarter Horses
Lazy Coyote Ranch
Lazy Dd Stables
Lazy J7 Horse Training
Lazy Lr
Lazy Sm Horse Breeding
Legacy Horse Training
Legisto Lipizzans
Lemons Racing
Leyba Cowboy Racing Breeding
Lightning Bolt Barrel Horses Barrel Horses
Lindsay Horse Trimming Services
Little Bit of Heaven
Liz Sanchez Stables
Ll Horses
Ll Ranch
Loma Parda Ranch
Longhorn Leatherworks
Longview Ranch Quarter Horses
Los Habaneros LLC
Los Lunas Rodeo
Lost Canyons Ranch
Lost Canyons Ranch or Horse Helpers Consultants
Lowe Ranch
Lucky 13th Farm
Luna De Amoure
Lynn Miles
M h Farms
Macarthur Quarter Horses
Magnificent Moon Miniatures LLC
Mana Express
Mandy's Special Farm
Martinez's Bucking Bulls
Mc Aurth Racing Stable
Mccallum View Farm
Mcclelland Performance Horses
Merwolf Ranch
Merwolf Ranch
Mesa Trails
Mesilla Valley Ranch
Michael Marquez Equine
Miguelito Traditions
Milagro Acres
Milagro Farm
Miller Horse Farm
Mira Stables
Mm Cloverleaf Ranch
Montoya Ranch
Morning Dove Ranch
Mortenson Arena - Santa Fe, Nm
Mortenson Silver & Saddles
Mountain River Rodeo Co
Ms Ranch
Murphy Farms
Musick Angus
My Gal's Place
Mystery Farms
Nadine Blythe
Nagrodsky Trakehners
New Begginings
New Boarding and Training Center
New Mexico Equestrian Center
New Mexico Horse Adventures
New Mexico Territory Mounted Shooters
Nieto Farms
Nizhoni Paints
No Facility Name
No Name
No Strings Attached Natural Horsemanship
Noble Equestrian
Nogotta Ranch
Nord Equestrian Services LLC
Nord Stable
North Mesa Stables
Not Gonna Happen
Numerous Stables LLC
Nutria Cattle Association
Nykanen Ranch
Ocdc Welding and Livestock
Oceana Stables
Ok Training Center
On-Site Crisis Intervention
Ooo So Santa Fe
Open Country Livestock
Organ Mountain Stables
Outback A'horseback
P Diamond J Outfitters & Foundation Paint Horses
Paint Horses
Painted Ridges Ranch
Painted Sky Ranch
Palo Verde
Paradise Valley Equestrian Center
Paradise Valley Equine Center
Pass It On Paints
Patricia L Davis Md
Patriotic Ranch
Patton Inc.
Pauline Smith
Pb&J Farm
Pecos Pinto Draft Horses
Pena Blanca Beef Masters
Personal Horses
Personal Use
Peruvian Paso Enchantment
Peterson Performance Horses
Petrie Farm
Pg55 Senior Pleasure Geldings for Senior Riders
Pie Town Pines
Pink Clover Equine
Platinum Performance Horses
Pleasant View Ranch
Pony Acres
Post N Rail Farm
Prairie Rose Ranch
Prairie Wood Ranch
Private Barn
Private Party
Private Residence
Private Residence
Ps Sport Horses
Pueblo Del Paso Fino
Puentes Ranch
Quad R Farms
Quadra Johnny
Quarter Moon Ranch LLC
Queen D Ranch
Quintana Ranch
Quintana Ranch
Rafter 78 Performance Horses
Rafter C
Rafter Hook Ranch Rhr
Rafter Rockin R
Ralph's Donkey Stop
Rancho Costa Lotta
Rancho De Hermosa Pasos
Rancho El Caballo
Rancho Escondido
Rancho Escondido
Rancho La Luz
Rancho Mariposa
Rbl Quarter Horses
Rdl Morgans
Rebecca Lusk
Red Horse Riding Company
Red Sky Farm Hunter-Jumpers
Reed Ranch
Renegade Farms
Reputable Horse Farm
Rhodes Ranch
Ride to Pride At The Barn
Rifle Creek Ranch, LLC
Riggins Quarter Horses
Riley Coyote Ranch LLC
Rimrock Ranch Equestrian Centre
Rising Star Thoroughbreds
River Run Ranch
River Side Horse Farm
River's Edge Boarding
Rka Arabians
Rls International
Roaring Fork Farm
Robbins Angus Farms
Rock Ranch
Rock'n Double Diomond Ranch
Rockin Ass Ranch
Rockin Cd Horses
Rockin J Land Livestock
Rockin T Ranch
Rocking B Ranch
Rocking B Ranch John Baird Horsemanship
Rocking Dmp Ranch
Rocking Jr Ranch
Rococo Sport Horses Formerly Romance Arabians
Romero Ranch
Ropin Ryder Ranch Horses
Roundabout Farm
Roy-El Farm
Running Horse Ranch
Ryse Family Peruvians
Sacramento Camp Conference Center
Saddleup Horse Care
Sagebrush Paints
San Angelo Mules
San Francisco Stables
Sandra Horse Farm
Sandstorm Designs
Sangre De Cristo Ranch
Sangre De Reyes Classical Riding Academy Breeders
Santa Fe Springs Ranch
Sapien Farms
Sarah Haley
Saulsberry Quarter Horses
Savagepaint Ang Quarter Horses
Scheherazade Arabians
Sepulveda Ranch
Sharluck Farms
Sharu Arabians
Sherrell Farms
Shiloh Quarter Horses Nm
Shirley's Ranch
Sierra Azul Quarter Horses
Silver Dreams Farm
Silver Fox Sport Horses
Silverdawn Meadow Farm
Simply 3 Day
Simply 3-Day
Sk Farm Inc
Skiesrblue Stables
Skotia Gallery
Sky City Kawayu
Slanted Tv Ranch
Smoken M Equine Services
Soft Reins Equine Therapy
South Valley Animal Clinic and Equine Wellness
Southwest Farm
Sp Horses
Spence LLC
Spencer Valley Quarter Horse Ranch
Spirit Creek
Spirit Horse Ranch
Staley Springs
Staple Quarter Horses
Stark Haven Farms
Starry Night Ranch
Sterling Racehorse Services, LLC
Stewart Farms
Sundance Farms
Sunjay Farm
Sunjay Farms
Sunny Horse Farm
Sunset Mesa Training
Sunset Show Horses LLC
Sunspot Solar Energy Systems, LLC
T Arrow Quarter Horses
Tafoya"S Farm
Tami Dean
Taos Equestrian Academy
Taos Equestrian Center
Taos Equestrian Center
TB's QH's Racing/Barrel Racing
Terry Family Horses
The Farm Depot
The Fat Ranch
The O Double L O
The Roping Pen Magazine
The Trinity Ranch
Three Feathers Farms
Tick Nock Farm
Tick Nock Farm Connemara Ponies Boarding
Tonaya Farm
Top Notch Farm
Top Notch Stables
Tr Feed and Rope Center
Trace Rabern
Tres Hermanas Ranch
Triangle B Ranch
Trinity Racing
Triple J
Triple S
Tucumcari Thoroughbreds
Turner Horse Farm
Twistedacres Farm
Two Ponyz Ranch
Ute Creek Equine
Vaca Flaca
Valdez Horse
Valencia Farms
Valenzuela Farm
Vanessa Alexander
Vc Quarter Horses
Velarde Ranch
Vick's Vittles
Vintage Ranch
Vista Butte Ranch
W Bar 3 Running Horses
Wagon Trail Riding Equipment
Walt White
Wanting to Trade New Mexico Land for Gypsy Vanner
Wapiti Ranch
Wasson Farm
Watrous Valley Ranch Ltd
Wehyterly Farm
West Ranch
West*Star Horsemanship
Western Livestock LLC
Western Outfitters
Western Outfitting
Westwind Farm
Wheeler Farms
Whispering Pines Horse Farm of New Mexico
Wild West Horse Haven
Will Board
Williams Horse Farms
Willow Springs Haflingers
Windsong Icelandic Horses and Dressage Center
Winners Circle Bloodstock
Wisdom of Equus LLC
Wj Horse Farm
Ww Ranch
Yellowrose Farm
Yr Okay Corral
Z Cross Ranch Horses
Zia Ranch