The Southern Co-Op Horse Training Camps and Affili

The Southern Co-Op Horse Training Camps & Affili

Collective Work Co-Op Community Horse Training Camps Developer in
Moore, SC

Horses At Camp
All Camp Horses Start with a Digitalized Pro-PCEvaluation & Photo Session for ID Cards, Internet Access and Stored Documentation services in case our Equine Activist Services are needed for any horses that has attended any camp offered by Rickey D…. All Horse Training, Conditioning, Medicare and Routine Services are Preformed on Digital DV DVD Film and includes Camp Horses ID and Training DVD’s that are Made Available and Viewable over the Internet with Limited Access by Owners, Buyers, Exchanger or Adopters for third party Ownership or training verification for horses that are up for Sale, Exchanger, lost, stolen or a unexpected event happens like a nature deserter your horses need help or our activist services.

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