The Perry Ranch

Breaking and Training Horses in
Damascus, AR

the perry ranch is a breaking and training facility we will take any unbroke or wild horse and train it to be the best it can be we r in the process of building a arena for people to ride in we already have our round pen and seperate pens for each horse we take care of our horses feed them 3lbs of grain each day and water and feed the finest round bales straight from the barn we trim and shoe our own horses

Services Offered

me and my step dad have been training horses for years we will take and break and train any horse we gentle break our horses we usually will take them for 30 days and send them back trained and ready for a show or a trail to ride on if u r interested in the price of the 30 days of training plz call us at 501-548-4069
Trainer: jim perry, mckalyn bush
Rate: $/Day , Number of Stalls: 4
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