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Spanning over thirty years, Jonathan Deeley’s extensive training and teaching experience has earning him national and international recognition as one of the most successful trainers of both wild and domestic horses. Using his unique perspective, approach and thorough knowledge of how a horse thinks, moves and communicates, he has developed training programs for the Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro program, The US Army’s Military Funeral Honors Caisson Section, Riding Clubs and countless individuals with horses that required starting, foundation training or re-schooling.


Specialized Disciplines

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Services Offered

The Equestrian Training Center was launched over 17 years ago to teach the horse and train the rider, using a unique training system developed by our Director, Jonathan Deeley. Rather than being confined to a method, this system is skill based, presented in a specific order to horse and rider that causes the least amount of confusion, producing effective and lasting results. This system is used throughout the country in military, law enforcement, Universities, riding clubs and for individuals with horses needing starting, breaking, re-schooling or rehabilitation.

"When I first started riding, we were taught to ride a horse," Deeley says. "That art of teaching balance was lost to a multitude of disciplines competing for distinction - with varied body positions. Then the industry did a 180 when the correspondence horse training era began. Not only did we have countless riding disciplines competing for style, but now we had popular TV trainers with competing methods of training.

"In the 30 years I’ve been a professional trainer, I’ve learned I can’t train the instincts out of a horse, train one to horse to be another horse or train a horse not to be a horse. I’ve also realized no one can ride a green broke horse. Because we don’t teach the seat anymore and no one teaches horsemanship - the combination of riding with balance and control of a horse," say Deeley.

"My goal is to change todays method mindset and focus on steps or skills. Mastering the skill is greater than the method used to teach it, so long as the method does not cause pain, fear of pain or confusion.

The core value of involving of training horse and rider has evolved into The Equestrian Academy (coming in 2017). Using our proven system, we will train and develop future trainers.
Trainer: Jonathan Deeley, Director
Rate: $300/Month , Number of Stalls: 8
Trail Access
We have 10 acres dedicated to trails. One selection of trails on 5 acres is heavily wooded. Soft dirt footing (no sand).
Other Services
Horseback Riding, Riding Lessons, Riding Clinics, Has a Riding Arena

The Equestrian Training Center Equestrian Services

Schertz, TX
May 21st 2016

I am a BLM Certified trainer with approved facilities. We specialize in foundation training for all horses, but specialize in mustangs. I am also the Stable…

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