Spots 'n Stripes Ranch

Ramona, CA

We work with zebras and Przewalski horses as well as every other specie of equine.

We have done much research on miniature horse reproduction, for over ten years, and are now ready to share this information with miniature horse breeders around the world. Our first miniature horse reproduction clinic will be held in 2011. Watch for the announcement!

We have worked with Texas A & M Professor Dorn and Dr. Jim Kubiak in our research with miniature horses, and are now in a pigment memory project with the zebras and Przewalski horses with Stanford University.


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Dr. Robert Miller states that Nancy is one of the top equine trainers in the world, from her imprinting techniques to her communication skills with all specie of equines.

Nancy gives two 3 day clinics at the ranch each year, one in May and the other in October. You come without your horse and learn natural equine communication skills. No matter how great a trainer you currently are, you will be amazed, yes, astounded, by the improvement in your relationship and training program for every equine in your world. Nancy is world renowned for her communication skills with horses. Visit the website to learn more!

Nancy has spoken at the prestigous Salk Institute about the work that has been done and is ongoing at the Spots 'N Stripes Ranch, that of how to best communicate with and care for the mental and emotional well-being of the equine, and how that translates into friendship and training. Nancy is currently working on her first pair of training DVD's, which you will want as your 'go to' training aids for working with equine babies, as well as using her equine communication training techniques to have your equine instantly understand you.

At the Spots 'N Stripes Ranch, we specialize in equine behavior and communication. We have learned our communication skills through decades of observation and interaction with the 'ultimate equines', the zebras, and their counterpart without stripes, the Przewalski wild horse. If you can communicate with, befriend, and train the wildest and strongest of equines, you can train any equine.
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