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Terre Haute, IN

"Correct mistakes by making the right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult—and always rewarding the slightest try." ~Clinton Anderson~

Specialized Disciplines

Breaking, Foundation, Longe, Long Line, Project, Saddle, Troubled, Western Pleasure, Western Riding, Working, Clinton Anderson, Parelli, Training

Services Offered

PROBLEM horse?, NEED a tune up? does your horse WALK ALL OVER YOU???

well.. I am not your average horse trainer... I am a horse woman...what is the difference you ask?? Well... The majority of Horse trainers ONLY train horses for profit... And don't really care too much about the relationship between horse and human. I believe in relationship first then the rest will follow. Some trainers (not all) will get a horse to train and just simply give up on it... Claim it to be "crazy" "not good enough" "never amount to anything" well... I WILL NOT GIVE UP... I believe all horses can be just have to know where to start...and that's with trust.

I do not charge by the hour... I charge by the day... And let me explain why... I believe it's not my decision to tell the horse when I am ready to quit...the horses decision to tell you when it is ready. it may take an hour, it may take all day. but when it finally decides to listen it will...patience is the key.

I always encourage horse owners to come and participate with your involved...because at the end of the, as the owner, will be the one that has that lifelong bond with YOUR horse... I am just simply there to teach your horse and the owner how to do so...

Trainer: Danielle
Rate: $/Day
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Horseback Riding, Has a Riding Arena
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