Ps Rescue-Train-Rehome

Sagle, ID

All ground manners and work done before you ride. This makes a first ride not only safer but easier without issues when done properly. I have trained and rehomed 6 horses successfully including 3 mustangs. Email me for more in depth descriptions or if you have questions.

Specialized Disciplines

Foundation, Ground, Problematic, Project, Training, Beginner, Board, Ground Work, Halter

Services Offered

All ground work from age 6 months to 4 year old horses. I do all of the training so your horse will be ready to ride with no issues. This includes all manners, yields, getting them accustomed to ropes and objects, round pen with inside direction change, all gaits taught off lead in round pen so your horse will understand the gates visually and verbally as well, side pass and more. Video updates on daily training available as well. Email for more details or questions
Trainer: Pamela Simone
Rate: $900/Month , Number of Stalls: 1
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