Mystique Bask Farms

Brantford, ON

Here at MB farms we have dedicated ourselves to listening to the horse, to understanding the horse and to communicating with the horse.

What we offer:
Visits with the Medicine Horses (more information about this on our website)
Horse Training through Intuitive Horsemanship
People Training through Intuitive Horsemanship
Classes for children & foster children

What is Intuitive Horsemanship you might ask?


Specialized Disciplines

Services Offered

Intuitive Horsemanship

It is much different than that of Natural Horsemanship. We use equine behaviour at the most natural level, I am able to read and feel the horse, this enables me to know how the horse feels about certain things or circumstances. From here, through the use of Intuitive Horsemanship I am able to communicate with the horse using various different approaches, one is mare to foal communication, speaking to the horse through the body landuage of a mare. There is no fear in this type of training, simply love and understanding. Communication goes both ways, it is not simply "I tell-you listen" it is so much more than that. What the horse has to say is often overlooked and can be the key to solving a problem.

All Breeds, All Disciplines Welcone.

Through Intuitive Horsemanship I am able to specialize in

*Horse - human bonding
*Problem Horses
*Rude/Pushy Horses
*Timid Horses
*Fearful Owners
*Discovering your Medicine Horse (more information on our website)
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