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Here out in heaven we strive to breed the perfect horse for the average horseman looking to pleasure ride or show. All of our Broodmares and Studs are coming from the best bloodlines the Paso Fino has to offer! Come meet Sarah Jo our all breed horse trainer who never hesitates to take on a problem horse. She has over 13 years of experience in the show ring as well as outside and has a wide variety of skills when it comes to starting horses out on the ground and finishing touches in the saddle! Our website is under construction but check us out or call 512-771-9214


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Introducing Our All - Breed Trainer
Sarah Snell!!

"My experience with horses first began at the age of 8 when I went out with a friend of mine to watch her riding lesson. Instantly I was hooked, walking about this 80+stall facility, feeding random horses handfuls of alfalfa. I learned rather quickly with my strong desire to soak up every bit of information I could possibly get my hands on.
I began showing on the Arabian circuits around Texas at the age of nine, and ended up at the number one Arabian facility at the time, known as Double Diamond Arabians. There was where I fell in love with a five year old purebred Arabian gelding straight out of the Gene LaCroix barn (famous for producing national winning Country/English and Park horses).
Bringing Hot Shot home was one of the most exciting times in my life. I spent hours every day after school learning everything I could about him. I took lessons for a minimum of four days a week. I have sought training through names such as Bo Phillips, Mark Jameson, Julie Valasco, and Margo Shallcross but most importantly, the most talented by far, Kim Klossner, oftentimes riding up to eight horses a day. This was the easy part of the day as opposed to the feeding and cleaning of stalls. All of it was time well spent. Kim spent many hours schooling me with all the fine tuning techniques that get horses looking just a little more together.
Showing was the best time of my life. Often I would take three horses to A-rated shows and come home with handfuls of blue and red ribbons and numerous amounts of trophies. My bedroom walls were covered with them. These are the times I will never forget. When you are able to connect with your horse in such a way that every little move and cue you give works in great harmony that it cannot be denied that you are the one destined to win. This is a moment that is irreplaceable."

"You can learn and feel so much from a horse just by observing. Same is said when working one in the round pen. So many people choose to ignore how the horse may be feeling when asking them to work for you but one thing I have learned is to read every movement of the horse. Horses are my friends that I prefer never to fight with. You can do such amazing things on the back of a horse once you come to the point of really being a team. I can say this from watching many "trainers" try to force horses into doing what they want when the horse is scared or in pain. One thing we can never ignore is that an animal will never forget the harm or the goodness brought forth by humans. I incorporate this belief each time I put my hand out to any animal."

"I believe that I have been able to relate so well to horses, along with never being physically hurt, by relaying a sense of relief to them as to let them know that although I don't know what someone has done to them in the past, I intend to treat them with gentleness and respect. When someone tells me they have a "bad" horse or a horse "no one can ride", I look upon it as a challenge, and when someone with a calm, reassuring manner can communicate with them, then an ease is brought about in that animal which is priceless! "
--Sarah Jo Snell

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80+ acres of trails able to be riden. Here is our place!
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