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Hello,My name is Kayce Cheatham. I'm posting this for anyone looking for a stable/farm hand or for anyone needing help with their horses, like bad habits finishing training, or to give them a little update under the saddle. I know my way around any farm animals, i will say though i'm best with horses. I have been working with horses scents I was a little girl. My horse training methods focus on teaching your horse to be respectful, have good ground manners, and to read the owner's cues in order to establish a better bond with the owner. If you are struggling with a 'pushy' horse, an anxious horse, or one that is always 'in your pocket', I can help! All my training methods are absolutely humane, with an emphasis on building confidence in your horse- no scare tactics here, and no harsh training tools.I start from the ground up so I can help both you and your horse. When i work with a horse i don't work against them i work with them. I make them understand what you would be wanting from them. You will notice a dramatic improvement in your horse's attitude, and willingness to watch you for guidance, instead of giving you grief. My goal is to help owners that would like to improve their communication with there horses, and to give the horse the skills to be a good companion and riding partner. They would become a better mannered horse. I can also give riding lessons to be a better rider all around. I can clean stalls, hooves, give baths, groom, walk them out when your done riding. I can also work with your horses dearing season you don't really want to ride to keep them updated for when your ready to ride again. I can do anything thing you ask for done. I am right now working with Three B.L.M Mustangs and they all turned out to be great horses. I am right now working with a wonderful woman who rescue horses and I train the horses so they can be adopted out to good homes I have worked with all kinds of horses.I have plenty of time to help out with anyone else needing some assistance with their horse/farm animals or their stable. I do have references that i've done work for and they all are more then welcome to speak to anyone looking to have me do some work for them. My cost depend on distance and how many hours and days you would be wanting me to work. Well if you have anymore questions please send me a email and I will be more then willing to help. Thank you for reading my add have a great day and god bless. You can add me on facebook I have a training web page on facebook to show you more of the horses I have worked with and the why I do it. I use Buck Brannaman methods and its mixed with native american methods
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