Hawk Haven Equestrian Center

Gresham, OR

Boarding , Rehabilitation, Retirement
* Close-in access on the Eastside of Portland, located in a beautiful and scenic area of Gresham. Beautiful view of Mt. Hood. 5 minutes to both Burns Feed Store, and Mt. Hood Eq. Ctr. for the shows.
* Large pastures with daily turn-out. Pastures range from 1/2 acre to several acres. 20 acre farm.
* Large and airy 12 x 12 stalls. 26 stall barn.
* Rubber Mats in stalls.
* Horses are fed 3x day, choice of Eastern OR Hay or local.


Specialized Disciplines

Services Offered

Horse training is offered to start young or older horses, and to re-school experienced horses. A minimum of three months is recommended. For horses in the training program, horses will be schooled in the principles of classical dressage with an emphasis on suppleness, relaxation, and the encouragement of self-carriage and self-collection.

Training will only proceed at the pace of the horse's ability to learn in a positive manner. Throughout the training, the horse will be schooled with the goal of lightness, and increasing responsiveness to the aids. Harsh bits, artificial training aids, and rushed training is not part of the basic training program. Whether the horse is going to develop further in dressage training, or other disciplines, the basic training is open to all breeds and types of horses and is an excellent foundation for their future careers.
Rate: $/Day , Number of Stalls: 26
Other Services
Riding Lessons, Has a Riding Arena