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I have close to 20 years experience starting many types of horses including troublesome re-starts. My finished horses are all gentle, outgoing, respectful and responsive horses with a good understanding of voice commands. I have had great success training everything from wild, untouched horses, to finishing children’s horses and am able to customize my training techniques to meet your riding goals.
Horses trust me in a short period of time which, I believe is key to unlocking the potential each one has for a calm, smooth handling performance.
My experience has proven that exposure to all types of sights and situations in conjunction with proper leadership before you even start training,(whatever techniques you use) is important in building your horses trust for you and as a result will help make THEM a trustworthy partner in the future. I believe keeping your horses training experience “fresh”, new and periodically challenging not only advances them effectively quicker but actually expands your young horse’s capacity, while keeping that “healthy curiosity” that can be lost with repetition based techniques. For this reason I choose to place less emphasis on physical de-sensitization and more focus on sharpening horses commonly existing abilities as an effective way to ensure a safe, sound, and responsive finished product.

Don’t forget, your horses habits are for life!
Get it done right! Your horse and it’s rider are worth it…
You would be delighted to see what even 2 weeks can do.

At your home consultations are free in the Thompson area
and training always includes 2 week progress reports
and instructional guidance with your new horse!

I look forward to working with you!
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