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Crestview, FL

I offer training to every level of horse out there, whether it be a problem horse, an unbroke colt, whatever. I can do it. I believe it creating a solid, respectful and trusting foundation, from the very beginning.
If you would like more information, please feel free to call or email me. I look forward to hearing from you and working with your horse, to create that enjoyable, eilling PARTNER you want.

Primary Breeds

Specialized Disciplines

Services Offered

Colt starting, problem horses, refreshers, tune-ups or even showing your horse for you.
We train by 30 day increments. Your horse will be worked with 6 days a week and will have a solid foundation put on them, from the day they get here.
I specialize in barrels and poles, which is what I have shown my whole life, but, I'm not against some HJ.
I start the horses on the ground first, 30 days of ground work. Teaching them to know what "whoa" means, even on the ground, getting them to be soft and supple in all the areas of their body. Moving away from pressure and to give to it, flexing vertically and laterally. Ponying them with a saddle or just on a trail ride. Lounging, even over obstables.
During the next 30 days, they are started under saddle. The first thing being taught is to back-up. You won't have a nice, quiet, soft stop without a soft back-up. Then, it's just reinforcing what they have already learned on the ground. WTC under saddle. Neck reining, going on trail rides and just getting a nice, solid foundation. After that, if they stay here longer, they learn the more advanced things. Leads, sliding stops, rollbacks, spins, etc.
Trail Access
Trails all through the woods, to a lake, everywhere. Available to take your horse out on during it's stay here being trained. After it has progressed that far.
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