Brenda 254-413-1937

Farrier/Riding Instructor in
Mc Dade, TX

I am self employed, and work as a independent, and individual. I, free lance and will travel up to 30 mils, with out a fuel charge. My services, are multi and I feel that makes me an all around Horse person..

Services Offered

I enjoy giving lessons, as well as working as a Trainer. I am an Event Rider, and work basically with the natural principals of Dressage, and work to incorporate them into any other equine discipline. I'm firm, yet very gentle. I will not take "no" for an answer, but I don't get want I want by beating it out of the animal. I use technique and strategy. It take a little longer, but by golly the horse IS actually trained (verses forced) and is a pleasure to ride.. I work in the Bastrop/Elgin area. I will travel within, limits and their usually is a fuel. charge. My standard fee is $45 hr.
Trainer: Brenda Lee
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