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Klamath Falls, OR

Training and breeding.
We strive to provide the best training at the lowest price possible for the economy. Specializing in trail pleasure, mountain riding, natural horsemanship, and mental rehabilitation(abuse cases or problem horses).
ONE ON ONE, we offer room enough for up to three horses Max.
We also rescue and rehabilitate unwanted or starved horses. Train them, give them groceries, and adopt them out on contract.

Primary Breeds

Specialized Disciplines

Services Offered

We offer late imprinting: wich can be very stressful for the horses owner to handle as well as the foal. We prefer coming out to the foals environment for this process, as it can become a dangerous sictuation quickly. $20 an hour

Colt breaking: no younger than 2 1/2 years to insure strain from hard workouts and trail riding. We like to make sure the horses in our care are mature enough for the workload and level we train at. $400 per. 30-days

Ground manners: using natural horsemanship for horses that haven't been halter broke or handled much, has trouble understanding where you need them to be, or just plain rude and stubborn. $350 per. 30-days

Tune ups: if you have a horse that just needs to be riden and you can't find the time. Whether it has been lamed up in the past, needs to be conditioned, set for a couple of years, or set for the winter. $350 per. 30-days

Problem horses: afraid to get in the same pen with that wild horse? Whether it be a horse the spooks and bolts from every movement or one that kicks, paws, and bites out at it's handler. $400 per. 30-days or $20 an hour

A travel fee will apply over a distance of 30 miles from our location or if constant travel is needed to train. Specailty grain(senior, junior, or fat supplement) will be provided at an extra $20 if desired by the owner.

Our 30-day packages includes. . . Alfalfa(tested at 20-26% protein) or grass hay(Oregon bluegrass tested at 14% and Timothy-mix at 8% protein) from local growers. We feed 2-3 times daily depending on the horse. Mineral + selenium saltblock 24-7 as well as clean water. Large 50'×50' pens, room enough to run and play. All training tack is provided. Blankets are also available for your horse. Everything we use is cleaned regularly.

We do training on contracts only. All horses must be vaccinated to prevent the spred of disease and illnesses! We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
Trainer: Candace Whited, Gregory Whited
Color(s) Bred: Liver Chestnut
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