Do you Believe in Magic Showing Great Movements Under Saddle


Magic is a well built palomino Missouri Fox Trotter gelding. At only 3 & 1/2 he is doing great under saddle. We are working on his gaits to firm them up. But he is smooth and gentle and loves attention. Young, but with great talent for being a show or trail gelding. Look for him for sale at Glover's Stables and Equestrian Center.

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Glover's is a family owned and operated farm that has been around and is highly recommended for our training that works for all walks of life: Show, trail, fun, obstacles, field trials. We have extensive experience in training and teaching others how to understand horses and their gaits of many different disciplines and breeds. Many in the State of Florida have benefited from our help with either training for them, lessons or selling them the perfect horse. Let our family welcome you to the incredible world of horses. We love them and promote that love to all others.



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