Patches Black White Spotted Saddle Horse Mare Rides Onto Horse Trailer


Spotted Saddle Horse Mare. What a find she is. Never "mare-ish", we rent her for trail rides, use her for Childrens birthday parties, for lessons. I'll hate to sell her but cause she is that Go To horse for our trail ride business, but she does deserve to be the center of one families world. We have lots of video's and photos of her. This is the horse we are all looking for. Ride her w a group and let the other rides leave and she will not have a melt down. She listens to her rider. I am so proud of this mare. What a classy and comfortable horse she is. NOTHING Smoother and 15+h but not real thick made.

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Bailey's Walking-After-Midnight Farm

Welcome to Bailey’s Walking-After-Midnight Farm (formerly Bailey's Black Widow Farm). Farm is located at the top of the state of Virginia, in the heart of Virginia’s horse county. We pride ourselves on providing trustworthy gaited trail horses that are "Grandma Safe".

We have a superior selection of smooth, gentle, experienced Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses - please call me to learn more about the 15 horses currently available for sale here. We sell lot's of horses, all year long, so this web page is in constant transition - but I feel very confidant that I have the horse you want.

Any horse here for sale must be a proven trail horse. I bring horses out of Tennessee approx every 6 weeks and our selectioin is second to none. None of the horses for sale here come from sale barns. They are family pets. My horses don't have much of a show ring background either so they are not nervous or wired up. Several have been a family pet and shown by that family, but predominantly a trail riding horse, so if you'd also like to trail ride and compete in a show ring, it will be nice to know you are buying naturaly talented gaited horse that doesn't need soring or special devices to win in a show ring.

These trail savvy gaited horses are THE ideal trail pleasure ride. Ride a horse that gives you permission to ride! We specialize in natural moving and smooth gaited trail horses with LOTS of experience on trails. Our Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle horses double as horses we use here for our custom trail rides, birthday parties and riding lessons. Why not give them a job to do till they find their "forever home".

Besides the trot not thing, our horses are GORGEOUS - we specialize in quality gaited horses of unique color, with loving personalities. We have every color under the rainbow. You'll look great on the trail riding a well behaved Palomino, Buckskin, Blue Roan, or Tobiano (Spotted) beauty. Occasionally we carry Missouri Fox Trotters and Rocky Mountain horses for sale too.

If I don't have what you want, I can find it. We lived in Tennessee for 8 years and I find a sound sane smooth gaited horse better than most folks can.



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