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Buck is a 8 yr old, 15.3h and STRONG MADE, Gentle, Golden Palomino w Dapples, Tennessee Walking Horse - (TWHBEA) gelding - BROKE for most anyone that can get up there. He has a LOVING personiality, does what ever you tell him to do with NO fuss, and we are more in love with him each day. Weve known this horse since he was 4 yrs old and you are welcome to speak to his previous owners. What a movie star (part Golden Retriever too I'd say... ). He's out of THE BEST Palomino Blood lines in the walking horse industry. Always been Grandma Safe but the GAIT is SO SENSATIONAL you just won't believe how smooth it is. Fabulous canter too. Nothing but LOTS of Trail Miles. (He has never been a show horse but with his natural talent he can do ANYTHING). Why not be the envy of the trail ride?? Call Melissa (540)303-0569 to learn more about Gold Buck and the other Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses we offer for sale.

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