Spotted Mule Team


This is a team of paint mules that are uniquely marked. They are both paint mules. One is a molly mule and one is a john mule. They are brother and sisters, the one with less white is 8 yrs old and the one with more white is 7 yrs old. These mules have been used to drive and ride. They have been in parades and used for wagon trains. They have been trail ridden together lots on organized trail rides, at state parks, and for recreational farm riding. The mules are 15.2 / 15.3 hands tall. They match nicely and are made alike and both are spotted up, one having more spots than the other. They stand tied, load, haul, and bathe. They have caught everyone's attention that comes to our farm. Very nice team of mules that will for sure stand out wherever you may travel. They are both 100% sound and have no vices. They ride out alone nicely or will ride together nicely as shown in the video. They have nice collected canters that are easy to sit. View video at call 304-238-4155 • Location: Flemingsburg, KY

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