Everyone is always looking for that so called "Perfect" horse.. Well as i have always said, thier is no such thing.. BUT, this guy is about as close as it gets to perfect!! Chrome has the LOOKS to die for, four perfect socks to his knees, blaze face, and the whitest mane and tail you have ever seen.. Not to mention his golden color.. You will look for many years and not find another horse with these looks.. On top of that he is the brokest, bombproof horse that i have been around or ever owned.. I have even asked myself, how many horses will you find this gorgeous, and this broke all in one.. You have to check out all three videos we have of Chrome.. One is of his super smooth gait, racking up to 15 mph!! The second one is of my four year old son riding him around the yard.. He can handle this horse in any way.. Its amazing to watch Chrome interact with my son so good.. Xavier likes to ride him down to the far field where some roll bales of hay are to get him a bite of hay because he thinks he's always hungry.. Our third video is of me riding my one year old son on Chrome, so as you can tell, I trust this horse and i am totally confident in him.. What is amazing about him is not only is he gentle with the kids, is if my wife or I get on him he still has the Get up and Go that we all look for.. Smooth doen't even begin to explain this horses gait, just watch the video and see how he never moves me in the saddle.. Chrome stands perfect for mounting, parks out, neck reigns, and backs.. He bathes, grooms, shoes, and trailers good.. Honestly i could go on and on and on about this horse, but to really appreciate this ONE OF A KIND horse, just feel free to come and ride him, you wont be disappointed.. I am selling Chrome to be as close to perfect as they come... Make sure to watch all three videos on youtube at Legerstables, look for Chrome.. Call or text Nick at 606 392 1079..

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Leger Stables

We speacilize in very broke trail horses for you and your family to enjoy for many, many years.. We dont want to sell you just one horse, we want to sell your whole family a horse..



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