Black Friesian Gelding for Sale

Black Friesian Gelding


\"Macho\" was one of the great show horses chosen for the show/exhibition,\" Black Pearls of Rhythms\"!!

Macho (registered as Minne van \'t Speyksbosch) is a REALLY nice, well trained, 7 yr old STER gelding.

He was in Leeuwarden at the stallion keuring in Jan 2008, where he advanced to the second round of the approved stallion selection process. The FPS studbook approved his x-ray and semen report, before advancing him on, as a 3 yr old STER stallion.

Now a gelding, Macho is sired by the one and only, VERY well respected approved stallion, Beart, who is one of Jasper\'s most impressive sons. Macho is TALL. His official dressage show record indicates he has 20 points in L2. He has shown 3 times in 3rd level dressage ( Z level) with 203 points. His combination number (for his show record) is 514383MJ.

His pedigree is truly TOP NOTCH, with a motherline chock full of \"ster\" and \"preferent\" predicates:


This TALL imported STER gelding is truly a magnificent animal. Impeccably bred. Trained 3rd level dressage, AND he has extensive experience showing in quadrilles, parades, and exhibitions. He is also very suitable as a trail companion! You won\'t find a nicer, better trained, easier to sit friesian gelding anywhere.

He really is a good mover..very good walk, his trot has HUGE potential for passage... good canter, easy on the aids...the lateral work is solid, he does the exercises easily.....he has already started piaffe..

This gelding is impressive, receiving high scores from judges that usually prefer warmbloods! He has been competing successfully up through the levels in Europe, and is ready to help you achieve your goals, whether they are to ride on the beach without being scared, or help you earn your USDF gold medal. He has three superior gaits with a very uphill suspended trot. Beautiful lateral work and has just started flying changes.

This is a very uncomplicated horse with an amazing temperament. A amateur or novice rider\' s DREAM horse! Macho would also be suitable for a junior or young rider, due to his very easy going, \"willing to please\" nature.

Reg #200405261

Registered as Minne van \'t Speyksbosch

B-Day 6/14/04

STER Gelding

Comes with a thorough pre purchase exam

Check out the new videoclips above, taken Feb 19, 2012, and note, Macho is IDEAL as a husband or pleasure/trail horse, as well as as being an ideal dressage schoolmaster, that can help teach YOU dressage!!!

See or call 415-272-2112

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