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Kelly Herd Large Horseshoe Necklace

Kelly Herd Green Fashion Stone Necklace

Kelly Herd CZ Horseshoe Nail Cross Pendant

Kelly Herd English Horse Pendant

Kelly Herd Large Horseshoe Pendant

Kelly Herd Western Scrolled Stirrup Pendant

Kelley Round Mood Necklace w/ Horse Cut-Out

Chippendale Horse Show Mom Pendant

Kelly Herd Heart Peace Pendant

Kelly Herd Cheetah Pendant Necklace

Kelley Rainbow Horseshoe Necklace

Kelly Herd Smooth Nail Cross Pendant

Kelly Herd Sparkling Oxbow Stirrup Pendant

Kelly Herd Small Longhorn Pendant

Living Opal Mood Earring & Necklace Set

Kelly Herd Large Oxbow Stone Base Pendant

Kelley Enamel Horse Pendant Necklace

Kelley Prancing Horse Necklace


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