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Kelly Herd Silver Square Buckle Earrings

Kelly Herd Yellow Multi Stone Wide Earrings

Kelly Herd Double Dangle Horseshoe Earrings

Kelly Herd Large Nugget Stirrup Earrings

Kelly Herd Green Fasion Stone Earrings

Kelly Herd Polished Horseshoe Nail Earrings

Kelly Herd Horseshoe Nail Hoop Earrings

Kelly Herd Small Nugget Stirrup Earrings

Kelly Herd Multi Stone Wide Earrings

Chippendale Jump Horse Rider Earring

Chippendales Medium Hang Stirrup Earrings

Beverly Zimmer Dressage Horse Earrings

Chippendale 3D Horse Head Earrings

Chippendale Spur Hoop Earrings

Chippendale Celtic Horse Earrings

Kelley Cubic Zirconia Stirrup Post Earrings

Chippendale Small Canter Horse Earrings

Kelley Black Enamel Horseshoe Post Earrings


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