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Tug of War: Classical vs Modern Dressage by Dr. Gerd Heuschmann
Teaching Children to Ride by Jane Wallace

The Modern Horseman's Countdown to Broke by Sean Patrick
Gallop to Freedom by Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado

John Lyons' Troubleshooting by John Lyons

The Right Track by Sarah Venamore

Clinton Anderson's Lessons Well Learned

Abetta Colt Snaffle Bushing Bit

Robart Robart Pinchless Junior Western Pleasure Bit

Metalab Stainless Steel Lightweight Breaking Bit

How Good Riders Get Good by Denny Emerson

What Every Horse Should Know" Book

Metalab Stainless Steel Lightweight Training Bit

Metalab Breaking Bit

Kelly Silver Star Breaking Snaffle Bit

Kelly Silver Star Copper Mouth Breaking Bit

101 Ground Training Exercises for Every Horse & Handler

Kelly Silver Star Breaking Snaffle Bit


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