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Training the Modern Jumper DVD - Elmar Pollmann-Schweckhorst
From: $26.95
What Every Horse Should Know" Book

From: $17.95
Design Build and Ride the Show Jump Course DVD with Olaf Peterson
From: $40.95
The American Hunter/Jumper Forward Riding System DVD Set-Bernie Traurig
From: $122.95
Form Follows Function DVD with Cythnthai Hankins

From: $26.95
Developing Perfect Position DVD with Bernie Traurig

From: $35.95
Dressage for Jumpers DVD with George Morris

From: $35.95
Teaching and Training the American Way DVD with George Morris
From: $45.95
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Centered Riding DVD 1 by Sally Swift
Coming Together With Cues DVD with Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
Dancing With Horses DVD with Klaus Hempfling
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Riding in Your Mind's Eye - DVD 2 - Jane Savoie
Simiplify Your Riding Part 1 DVD -Wendy Murdoch
Simiplify Your Riding Part 2 DVD -Wendy Murdoch
From: $35.95 From: $26.95 From: $26.95
Half Half Demystified DVD Part 1 with Jane Savoie
Half Half Demystified DVDPart 2 with Jane Savoie
Western Saddles: How to Fit DVD- Dr. Joyce Harman
From: $35.95 From: $35.95 From: $26.95
Pilates for the Dressage Rider - Janice Dulak
If Horses Could Speak DVD with Dr Gerd Heuschmann
The Modern Horseman's Countdown To Broke - Sean Patrick
From: $23.95 From: $54.95 From: $26.95

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