Strongid C2X Equine Anthelmintic

Strongid C2X Equine Anthelmintic

Twice the strength as Strongid C. An equine anthelmintic designed to be fed on a daily basis to provide a continuous, preventive level of pyrantel tartrate in the intestinal tract. Prevents migration of large strongyle larvae. Can be fed daily as a top dress or mixed in daily grain ration, safe for use in pregnant mares and foals.Features: For The Prevention Of Strongylus Vulgaris Larval Infestation In Horses Active Ingredient Pyrantel Tartate 2. 11% Administer As A Topdress Or Mixed In The Horses Daily Grain Ration At The Rate Of 1. 2Mg Pyrantel Tartate Per Lb Of Body Weight To Achieve This Dose Oz Strongid C 2X Per 250Lb Of Body Weight Measuring Cup Enclosed

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