Solid Ideas Probioblend

Solid Ideas Probioblend

Finely blended formula contains three digestive aids - micro-encapsulated probiotics, digestive enzymes and live yeast cultures - to help support and maintain a healthy balance of the digestive system and boost fiber absorption, for all types of horses. Feed daily and during times of stress, heavy work schedules and competitions. Maximizes and enhances digestion in performance horses; re-establishes natural flora in the intestinal tract of sick or compromised horses.Contains 20% crude protein, 30% crude fat, 13% crude fiber, 4% crude ash, 13 billion CFUs/gm saccharomyces cerevisae and 5 billion CFUs total lactic acid producing bacteria.Dosage: 1/2-1 scoop daily; scoop enclosed. 12.7 oz = 30-60 day supply for one horse. Resealable package.

Size: 12.7 Oz

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