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EQYSS Mega-Tek Cell Rebuilder

Features: A revolutionary formula and a technological breakthrough Hair: Strengthens hair from root to tip, so mane and tail wont break off easily. Makes hair healthier and stronger. Hoofs: Makes hoofs stronger. Sand cracks and chipping disappear, quarter cracks heal faster, shoes hold better. Fantastic for shelly footed horses. Strengthens hoof wall. Vitalizes hair on bare spots caused by halter and blanket rubs, or injuries. Environmentally - Friendly Non-ToxicPer the manufacturer: Re : EQyss Ingredients In order to satisfy labeling requirements for Europe and Australia, we have changed some of the names of the ingredients listed on our labels to INCI names, which are accepted internationally. INCI stands for the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. The order in which some ingredients listed on our label has changed as well. They are now listed in descending order by percentage of each ingredient in the product. This is also required for grooming products in Europe and Australia, and the primary reason for this change. Please note that in the United States, animal products are not required by law to even have an ingredient listing. The order of the ingredient listing is not regulated either. However, we have always listed our ingredients so the consumer knows exactly what is in each of our products. There are other manufacturers in this industry that list only the ingredients that they want you to see on their labels. Our formulas have not changed. We have simply made some modifications to the label for both esthetics and regulatory requirements worldwide. Size: 16 oz

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