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YORKIE-OPOLY: A Board Game of Tail-Wagging Fun!

YORKIE-OPOLY is a game of tail-wagging fun! Collect your favorite Yorkies and play hard!The Yorkshire Terrier offers a big dog in a small package! Affectionately known as Yorkies, these energetic pooches are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are truly unique in both their diminutive stature and their big personalities. But dont let their small size fool you; they are terrific watchdogs and have the attitude of a full sized dog when it comes to protecting their homes and families.Increase your rent by buying Toys for your dogs and upgrading them to Big Bones. Sounds easy enough until you get fleas, have an accident on the carpet, or worse yet, get sent to the kennel!Who knows? You may soon be Best in Show..or hanging out witha Yorkie with a Mohawk! Whatever happens, keep your wag on!2-6 Players, Ages 8 and Up.

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