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Abrazo Fleece Cooler

The patented HUG CLOSURE system provides benefits that traditional blankets cannot. Horse owners may adjust the neck opening size. The HUG unique chest flap design eliminates shoulder rubs. Nothing fits like a HUG!. The wrap-around front panels on HUG Closure Blankets are attached by custom-adjusted elastic straps to fit any horse. The panels act like a wrap-around shirt...there is nothing to bind or inhibit the extension of the horse's shoulder or restrict movement. In addition, the elastic neck straps allow the horse to expand the neckline when he gets up or down or while grazing. The Abrazo Hug Cooler is Top Quality Fleece combined with a Scrim Breeze Panel, Featuring Hidden Bias Surcingles. For sizing: S (for horses who wear 70-74), M (for horses who wear 76-80), L (for horses who wear 82-84). Navy only.

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