Spanish Flamenco Set

Breyer Spanish Flamenco Set - BH1338

In the Andalucia region of southern Spain, the tradition of flamenco dancing is rivaled only by the tradition of breeding fine Andalusian horses. Breyers new Flamenco set celebrates both traditions with style! Steeped in romance and fueled with passion, the flamenco is the quintessential Spanish dance form, tracing its roots to the Jewish, Moorish and gypsy cultures. Although it is characterized by soulful singing and guitar work, the flamenco dancers are its most expressive component, swirling around in colorful flounced dresses, clicking their castanets and kicking their feet in a defiant percussive rhythm. In addition to their long dresses, the female dancers wear roses and carved combs in their hair all of which add to the mood. The emotion builds as spectators join in, clapping and stomping to the beat. Like the flamenco dancers, Andalusian horses have been known for centuries for their grace, power and beauty. Also called Purebred Spanish Horses, these compact, versatile descendents of the noble Arabian exude a romance all their own, with their cresty necks, long, flowing manes and elegant action Proud and intelligent animals, they are often grey in color, with dappled greys being especially attractive. In their native Spain, Andalusians have been used for everything from cattle work to bullfighting. Given their royal bearing, it is no surprise that they are also the mount of kingsand that they excel at classical dressage. In this equine ballet, which highlights a horses natural balance and agility, movements like half-passes, pirouettes and the Spanish Walk all resemble a dancers routine. Put flamenco and the Andalusian together, and the effect is simply stunning!

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