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QuitKick - Stops your Horse Kicking its Stall Door

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QuitKick - Stops your Horse Kicking its Stall Door
QuitKick - Stops your Horse Kicking its Stall Door
Door kicking and pawing is one of the most frustrating and dangerous habits that horses can pick up, often leading to damage both to forelegs and stalls. If left unchecked the habit can even prove fatal. QuitKick has been designed by equine professionals to stop the habit quickly, effectively and humanely, without any human interaction or need for direct training. Controlled water jets are activated when the horse kicks or paws its door, harmlessly and rapidly ending door kicking habits, usually within two days. QuitKick us the only product specifically designed to tackle door kicking and pawing and has proved to be 100% successful with no undesirable side effects. The unit is fully rechargeable, detachable and easy to fit. QuitKick brings peace of mind and peace and quiet to you, your horses and your stables. QuitKick for Dutch Doors for use on any door that allows a horse to look out over the top. Attached by screw-in backplate with vertical water jets. QuitKick for barred or mesh doors for use with any fully enclosed door that does not allow a horse to look out. Attached by bolt-on backplate with horizontal water jets. Dummy QuitKick for stables with multiple kickers. Adjust the behavior of horses with a real QuitKick then replace with dummy. Allows the behavior of several horses to be altered without the expense of buying multiple real units.

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Brand: QuitKick
UPC: 5334211
MSRP: $59.95

Price: $319.99
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