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Lamina Saver

Laminasaver Is the First and Only Product Specifically Designed to Enhance New Cell Regeneration Promote Normal Blood Flow and Circulation and Restore Deep Tissue Oxygenation to the Insensitive and Sensitive During Laminitis and Founder. Feed 1 Scoop Twice Daily For the First 12 Weeks. Continue to Feed 1 Scoop Once A Day Or as Directed By Your Veterinarian. Dosage Can Be Increased At Any Time to Achive Individual Needs. Warnings: Do Not Use In Horses Indended For Food Purposes. Laminasaver Contains: 100% Pure Restaurex. It Is Free of Fillers Sugars Or Cutting Agents. Inflammasaver Will Not Test Positive.Size: 5'' x 5'' x 5.25''

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