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Bates Dressage Saddle with Cair

Elegant Dressage Saddle with Innovative Features The Bates Dressage Saddle With Cair is a traditional and elegant dressage saddle with innovative features that work together to ensure comfort and a balanced position. This superb saddle is designed with the CAIR Cushion System, which replaces traditional saddle flocking with air cushions to eliminate pressure points and evenly distribute the riders weight over the full bearing surface of the saddle. Also included is a deep seat and narrow waist with greater width behind for increased support of an optimal dressage position. Further features include adjustable, removable Flexiblocs covered in luxurious Bates leather to perfectly match the saddle, along with adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bars that are easily customized for effortlessly balanced, central rider position, as well as adjustable Y-Girthing. The Bates Dressage Saddle with Cair offers: Dressage saddle Traditional and elegant CAIR Cushion System to eliminate pressure points Deep seat Adjustable, removable Flexiblocs covered in luxurious Bates leather Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bars Adjustable Y-Girthing

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