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Crosscountry with Jim Wofford

Cross Country with Jim Wofford 26 lessons to improve your eventing skills from the Olympic rider and coach - Jim Wofford is a compilation from Woffords monthly Practical Horseman column since 2006 a must-read for thousands of fans. International eventer and coach Jim Wofford has compiled this close-up of the training principles that put first him and then his students on the Olympic podium. If youre an amateur just getting into the sport Jims insights (often enhanced by his trademark irreverent humor) will also give you the tools to do it right. With input from Jim aided by instructional photos and diagrams get ready to: choose the horse and equipment you need to enjoy eventing from the beginning put yourself and your horse on a program that gets you both fit enough to enjoy the sport get out of the ring for safe cross-country schooling over natural obstacles develop the most effective position for each phase of eventing gallop (thats right gallop) and jump safely at speed train confidently at home on your own and condition correctly to compete in a Classic-format event. Even if eventing is not your discipline you wont want to miss out on this book. Jims reliance on classical training and his frequent references to top equestrians of all disciplines make this an essential read for any horseman.

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