Legends 8 1

Nunn Finer Legends 8 1/4 inch Curved Back Brush

From the Legends Series this brush is made with a kiln-dried, double-lacquered, curved-back hardwood brush block with Union fiber, a mixture of Tampico and Palmyra fibers. The brush head is about 8 long and the shape lends itself to easy handling. The stiff, Palmyra bristles are derived from the Palmyra Palm. The medium soft, first quality textured Tampico bristles are derived from a certain cactus and absorb water. These natural fibers are evenly blended together and about 2 long, making it a great brush for wet or dry general-purpose grooming, dirt removal and post-exercise scrub downs. This fiber blend is also good for grooming manes and tails, too.

Color: Natural
Size: One Size

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