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Fi-Shock Portable Paddock - Red

Fi-Shock Portable Paddock

When you need portable electric and temporary fencing for your horses, look no further than the Fi-Shock Portable Paddock (HC-100). Lightweight and easy to set up, the HC-100 includes enough fencing to create a 50 ft by 50 ft single line or 25 ft by 25 ft double line enclosure this is large enough to contain as many as five horses. The HC-100 is designed for temporary fencing use at horse shows, wagon trails, polo matches and other situations where a small fenced enclosure is preferable to other means of containment.

Product Details
A portable solution for temporary electric fencing
Creates a paddock up to 50 ft by 50 ft, large enough to contain four or five horses
Runs on two standard D cell batteries (not included)
Package contains 200 feet of durable polytape fencing, a battery-operated charger and all required posts and bracing stake
Lightweight shoulder bag is easy to carry and tough enough to withstand the rigors of the road

Why Polytape?
Polytape is a lightweight, highly visible fencing material that is perfect for temporary fencing for horses. Polytape is easy to repeatedly spool and unspool, and it doesnt warp or sag the way other materials do. Despite being light enough to carry from event to event, Polytape is thick and bright, making it easier for horses to see. This expedites the training process and helps your animals avoid accidentally touching it when in an unfamiliar location.

Why Electric Fencing Is the Best Choice for Your Horses
Many horse owners worry that electrified fencing will harm their animals. In fact, when used properly, electric fencing forms a purely psychological barrier. The HC-100s Polytape temporary fencing produces a mild current that your animal will quickly learn to avoid by sight. As opposed to physical containment methods like barbed wire, electric fencing offers less of a chance your animal will be accidentally hurt.

Grounding Information
The HC-100 includes a grounding spike and an insulated lead wire to ensure proper setup and operation. Connect one end of the lead wire to the fence charger and the other to the spike. Drive the spike into the ground within 20 feet of the charger. This will create a complete circuit that delivers a reliable charge when your horse comes into contact with it.

Fi-Shock Means Leadership in Electric Fence Systems for Animal Containment and Control. Fi-Shock provides safe, secure, superior quality electric fence products for all your fencing needs.

Fi-Shock Portable Paddock - Specifications
Provides temporary electric fencing for up to four or five horses
Easily creates enclosures up to 25 ft x 25 ft (double line) or 50 ft x 50 ft (single line)
Battery operated (DC) above ground charger
Fits into a lightweight canvas bag with shoulder strap for easy carrying
Package includes: 200 ft of polytape fencing, a battery-operated fence charger and mounting stake, eight four foot tall step-in posts, four corner bracing stakes, one nine inch ground spike, four adjustable corner bracing lines, one fence lead wire, one ground lead wire and a heavy duty nylon tote bag
Batteries not included

Color: Red

Product Information


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