Gabriele Boiselle Pigon

Gabriele Boiselle Pigon & Delgado Magic of Horses 2016 Calendar

Boiselle Pigon & Delgado Magic of Horses 2015 Calendar Gabrielle Boiselle joins forceswith Federic Pigon and Magali Delgado to create a calendar that is as close to a real performance as you can get with photography The only way to really understand Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado is to experience one of their performances live. Detached from reality in the magical light of the manege our senses are able to concentrate on the most essential element the bond between human being and animal. They are both unique in what they do and merge completely in this dream which subsequently we all bring home with us in our hearts. 12 month calendar 18'' x 15.5''

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