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MANE-LY LONG HAIR Detangler Brush

THE right BRUSHES are so important. A sturdy, extremely durable brush specifically designed to DETANGLE , mane, tail, forelock, feathers, fur and hair, while preventing breakage and pulling out of the hair. There are no seams in the handle ,(where most brushes break), and the nubs of the bristles are molded in one piece so the hair can not get caught in the seems and break off! This brush is an integral part of this grooming system in attaining and maintaining, a longer, silkier, smoother mane, tail and hair. HOW TO USE: After an application of polisher, use this brush to start brushing through the hair, starting at the ends, and working to the top. If the hair is thick, section it and do the same. Also make sure to brush into the dock and into the crest of the mane to clean and loosen the dander that attracts parasites! Always use the detangler bursh after Polisher is applied, then switch to the Maintenance brush for continued gentle brushing which cleans the hair and prevents tangles. When the Maintenance brush gets stuck then its time to reapply Polisher and use the Detangler brush.

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