Comfort Plus Western Bareback Pad

Comfort Plus Western Bareback Pad

Comfort Plus Western Style Bareback Pad Weight is just under three pounds. Length from the 3'' cut back head to cantle is 21 3/4'' Drop is 16'' from center seam to the lowest point on either side. Length of girth from base of buckle tongue to base of buckle tongue is 22''. Each girth strap is 15'' from top hole to the bottom hole. There are two Dee rings at the pommel that can be used for a hand hold, a breastplate or as a place to attach supplies. They are large enough for multiple use at one time. There are two Dee rings at the cantle for supplies or for the attachment of the optional saddle bag which is sold separately. Open weave non slip material covering the bottom helps to keep the pad in place while still allow for passage of air. A good layer of foam between the non slip material on the bottom and the upper surface affords comfort for both horse and rider. There are two materials covering the upper surface. There is a plush velour directly under the rider's seat for softness and a micro fiber under the leg for a little added grip.

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